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A video game company with a creative and open environment. 

We are a team of designers, artists, and developers who are specialized in the entertainment content industry and provide high-quality games and services. 


A studio full of youthful energy

We are inspiring and ambitious as we develop wide variety of games as PC, mobile, VR and etc.


We want our guests to experience the new future and be filled with joys with our contents. 

The amazing power of K-culture 

We are game developers that could show the powers of the influential K-culture IPs such as pop, movies, drama, webtoons and etc. 


We are preparing the way for the metaverse of hyper-immersive technologies and services in advance. 


Technology is our major asset

We create high-quality content with

deep expertise and experience in game development.

Wide range of contents

Various immersive contents development with

AR and VR

Technology and know-how

Constructing a large-scale online network server that is safe and trust-worthy 

Future-leading technology

Metaverse platform based on entertainment, social, and game experience.

Strong IP

Implementing offline global BM using

homegrown game IPs

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