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Snack VR logo.PNG

Snack VR is a location-based installation with 2 VR headsets (Quest) and a kiosk for users to enjoy the content of "Fate Unbound", a VR FPS game which is planning to release in Meta Quest.

Within a small space of 3m x 3m, Snack VR provides a self-sustaining cycles of VR experience, where 2 players can purchase and enjoy the content for a short time span of 5-10 minutes. 

This concept has been operated in Oh-myokgyo station of South Korea and has been proved to be a successful model to utilize VR as a small/short yet entertaining experience.​

VR LBE installation
with minimal investment 

3d model 2.PNG
Snack VR main illustration.PNG

Snack VR installation mock-up design

Snack VR installation birdview.PNG

Snack VR installation view from above

Snack VR installation trial in Seoul, South Korea

Why Snack VR?

1. Additional income can be obtained with a small space investment.

2. It sets it apart from other businesses in the surrounding commercial area.

3. Could be used to draw consumers' curiousity.

4. This is a self-cycling ecology which requires a  minimal  amout of maintainance. 

Snack VR square logo.PNG

"Affordable investment to enrich your business."

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